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Hock Soon Poultry Farm

Quality, innovation and food safety.

Hock Soon Poultry Farm has set a new standard in engaging layer farming with features of well planned infrastructure for production, use of technology that complies without any wastage. Hygiene, good husbandry practice and waste reduction has allowed environmental preservation without sacrificing any productivity and efficiency.

Good Animal Husbandry Practitioner (SALT)

The management team is committed to produce as well as reducing the environmental degradation. All biological wastes are recycled into being composted and the end product is then use for agriculture purposes. In that way, wastage is being minimized.

Animal health is being well practiced as Hock Soon has been accredited by the Department of Veterinary Services as a ‘Good Animal Husbandry Practitioner (SALT)’ since the year of 2006.

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HALAL & Mesti Certificate

Hock Soon has also been accredited by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) for the HALAL certification, as well as from the Ministry of Health Malaysia for the MeSTI certification in the year of 2012 and 2013 respectively.

With that all, we are dedicated to strive for better achievements while serving to be one of the innovative leader in the production of table eggs in the layer industry in Malaysia.

Hock Soon Growing Journey


To be the innovative leader in the production of table eggs in the layer industry in Malaysia as well as in the region.


To be the leading egg producer in Malaysia in implementing Good Animal Husbandry Practices and in the practice of Quality Assurance Programs.



Meeting Customer Requirements and Expectations


Putting into practice better and more productive actions in service and work processes.


Our company culture thrives on performance.


The time we spend must be beneficial to all that depends on us.

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