sustainable farming

New standard in engaging poultry farming with technology, along with well-planned infrastructure.  

waste resource management

Achieving environmental friendly status by reducing the carbon footprint. All biological waste of the farm is being composted and hence serves a better purpose as fertiliser. 

good animal husbandry

Accreditation from local authority for our hardwork. 

MyGAP – Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia

MeSTI – Ministry of Health Malaysia

HALAL – Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia 

International recoginition

Accreditation from worldwide authority. 

HACCP MS1480: 2019 – HA 1080 

ISO 22000: 2018 – FS 1079

GMP MS1514: 2009 – GM 1081

About Us

Hock Soon Poultry Farm Sdn Bhd, located at 4th Mile, Jalan Sungkai, 35500 Bidor, Perak, Malaysia. The group has a production of table eggs that amounted to more than 1.2 million table eggs per day, which prompts us to be the premier egg producer in the northern Pennisular Malaysia. We’re situated at a land of over 20 hectares of land as well as having a total headcount of over 200 employees.

We are a team of close-knitted community under one roof dedicated into making the most consistent high quality, well-tasting in order to meet the dynamic needs of our nation. We’re also committed to work hand-in-hand towards a continuous endeavour to upgrade quality and strive to be the pioneer of the industry.

what makes us remarkable?


To be the innovative leader in the production of table eggs in the layer industry in Malaysia as well as in the region.


To be the leading egg producer in Malaysia in implementing Good Animal Husbandry Practices and in the practice of Quality Assurance Programs.


To fulfill customers expectation and demands by producing at our highest standards.


To be dynamically adpating to the ever-changing environment.


To strive and be the pioneer of the industry.


To achieve optimum productivity whilst upkeeping with the global standards.

Our Journey…


Hock Soon Poultry Farm was founded by Mr. Ong Kim Hock in the 1960’s in the state of Selangor. Initially, the farm started with just a few hundred hen chickens producing a small number of tables eggs only.


Assisted by the second generation, Mr. Ong Boon Leng, Hock Soon had shifted to Bidor, Perak in order to build another layer farm and has already achieved production capacity of 30,000 eggs/ day.


Althought production capacity had reached 180,000 eggs/day, Mr. Ong Boon Leng realised that the traditional labor intensive open house system will be a limitation for the layer farm to continue it’s expansion. Hereinafter, Hock Soon has engaged a new and innovative automated closed- house system from Germany to further expand farm production to 300,000 eggs/day.


 A fully computerized feedmill with a production capacity of 5,000 mt was build to cater to the in-house need for the fast expanding egg production. Hock Soon had fully ceased the operation of traditional open house whilst fully utilising the automated closed-house system.

Our Journey Continues…


Mr. Ong Hong Hui, the third generation, had joined the family business. With his expertise in business administration and finance as well as computerisation, Hock Soon’s development was accelerated even faster.


In order to proactively take care of poultry waste, manure processing plant is constructed to cater to the fast expansion. Manure being composted brings about many benefits, it reduces pathogens and pollution, while enriching the nutrients.


Mr. Eric Ong Keat Qian, being the third generation, had joined the family business to help with the rapid expansion. Hock Soon had completed it’s final expansion of farm production capacity to 1,200,000 eggs a day. 


During the wave of COVID-19 pandemic, Hock Soon had been contributing in stablising the food security issue in the nation, by ensuring supply despite issues. Mr. Alex Ong Keat Hoe, being the third generation, has also joined the family business, while marching on to our next expansion in the blueprint.